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This project is essentially a refurbishment of an existing hard landscaped area in a bungalow in LS16. 

The customer had a number of missing, broken and rocking flags and the fences and gates were also rotten and generally was extremely tired.

Initially the customer had considered replacing the whole area however wanted it exactly the same using the same materials to keep in keeping with both the extensive front gardens and the other homes in close proximity.

The job consisted of lifting  the existing flags, cleaning them and removing the old mortar,  re-bedding them on the correct base ( they had previously been spot bedded!) 


Then we re-laid the area, replaced the broken flags with new flags and distressed them with chemicals to match the old.


Utilising a chemical cleaner and hot water power washer we cleaned the whole area, repointed the flags and re-sealed the area.

This process albeit more labour intensive generated much less waste, retained the original features and was exactly what the customer wanted to achieve.

This saved the customer a significant amount of money as new materials were not required and the work was done far quicker with minimal disruption as excavators and grab wagons were not required.

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