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  • ADEL LANDSCAPES additionally construct retaining walls, concrete bases, Concrete Retaining Walls, sleeper walls, garden excavation and levelling. 









All our works are done to a commercial standard, with full O&M manual, test certificates and specification documentation.

Marks Oaklands
Archway Oaklands Adel
Resin and Sandstone Wetherby
Enabling Oaklands


This Project on Oaklands Avenue in Adel consisted of excavating and levelling a garden then retaining the earth with a heavy duty sleeper wall on a

RC concrete Foundation. 

The logistics included lifting an excavator over a wall with a small crane and spoil taken off site with a Hiab.

perforated pipe was installed at the bottom behind the wall to attenuate the water and then go to soakaways and the wall was then tanked to prevent groundwater ingress . Behind the wall high grade engineered topsoil was installed to enable planting of various plants and the wall albeit treated already was spray coated to prevent any maintenance for up to 10 years.  

Due to the client requiring astroturf the ground was prhad 2 layers of terram installed across the whole garden, 300mm of stone installed and then compacted then 150mm of grannoe screened prior to the astro turf. 

Later a Arched wall was constructed and door installed to allow access from the street to the back garden. 

Brickwork was matched to the existing wall however some old bricks were re-used to ensure little differentiation could be noticed visually between new and old. 


The customer was told by a number of competitors that this was both impractical and prohibitive in cost. However at Shadwell Landscapes  we were able to deliver the customers requirements at a competitive price. 

The project start to end took 14 days

Case Study -


Sarah & Steve - Wakefied.

This project was one we particularly enjoyed as random stone semi coursed stone walling is an area we can truly show how talented our people are.

This project in Wakefield was to rebuild a wall initially built in the 1920's in random  local stone from the original gardens and demolished middle aged barns that stood on the site until the 1800's. The original wall had subsided, and the customers boundary was both indistinguishable but also too tight to get a modern car up.

Initially using land registry information and GPS we marked out the boundary line, Excavated a trench for foundations, stripping good stone for re-use and disposing of soils on a grab wagon to a recyclers.

We poured stepped foundations, formed a block retaining wall, hand dressed the old stone (from within in the garden perimeter and old wall) and clad the wall traditionally with pointed mortar joints, hand finished in the traditional way.

The project took 5 days to complete and whilst been great fun to do is a great example of keeping the character, handling rock medieval aged masons once shaped, to retain the originality  of a landscape,  knowing it the work if left will stand for generations to come. 

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