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At ADEL LANDSCAPES we carryout all fencing works to a very high / commercial grade standard. When carrying out a landscaping package, patio or garden re-design it is highly recommended to change any fencing that has started to deteriorate or may fail.


The key reason is most fencing is concreted into the ground and in order to remove old posts, often rotted at the base heavy equipment is required.


If done retrospectively this can lead to damage of your new project and increased costs .


As we usually have equipment on site we are extremely competitive when carrying out fencing works as part of an existing package of work but do not do any fencing work in isolation or carryout repairs to existing fencing. 


 We install to a standard and specification that will ensure it is is highly unlikely our fences will blow down in winds or fail as we install in conjunction with temporary works designs, taking into consideration wind loadings, handrail effect and lever arm.


We can never promise to be the cheapest option on fences if work is carried out in isolation  but we can promise a high quality finish.


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